The Inventory Restock Detailed View provides a powerful dashboard to view all the duplicate SKUs of your store, detect inventory mismatches and restock inventory in just a few clicks.


1. Go to the Inventory Detail View page of the Duplicate SKU Sync app.

2. Click the 'Analyze Now' button. The app will start reading and analyzing all the items from your store.

3. You will see all the duplicate SKUs in the table below. It will show location-wise inventory levels of all the duplicated variants.

4. Select the 'Show duplicate SKUs with mismatched inventory' option in the dropdown below. This will filter the table to show only the SKUs that have inventory mismatched variants.

5. Provide the stock level quantity for each location and hit the Update button.

6. The stock level of all the duplicate products for that SKU will be updated simultaneously.


1. Click on the 'Analyze Now' button each time you visit this page for fetching the latest item data.

2. This page is available only for the Full Sync Plan.